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Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants


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Buying a piece of clothing or a fashion item is a way of telling the world something about yourself without verbally communicating it. It's such an instant form of self expression for people to understand a bit about you. In an effort to educate people about the idea of buying less and choosing more thoughtfully, we’re running a workshop about the lifecycle of a garment. 


There doesn’t seem to be one clear solution, every fibre has its pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide where ethically you lie with fibre choice and production. We’ll be teaching you a bit about different properties of fibres and then taking you through how cotton is made, produced and then broken down. You’ll be given a ‘can of worms’ to watch for yourself the process of breakdown through composting and at the end encouraged to plant a cotton seed and watch the process of growth. The lifecycle of a t-shirt.


We’ll also be teaching a few different mending and up-cycling ideas so that you can keep those clothes out of landfill and extend the life of your favourite pieces!!

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